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While I supported Angela Bonilla for Attorney General, after reading Genter Drummond's stances, and his disdain for our failed Attorney General Mike Hunter, this is a guy who deserves our vote.  I urge and beg all of our supporters, when you go to the polls, please deny Michael Hunter another term in the run off and send Genter Drummond to face off against Mark Myles.  I would love to see Genter Drummond bring Angela Bonilla on board if he is elected.  I don't know where he stands on Transparency, but anyone has to be better than Michael Hunter.  

Monday July 09, 2018:  Today Trey and I went to court again with Tulsa Community College.  It was honestly a waste of time and nothing was achieved.  This has gone on for too long.  The Assistant Attorney General named Jeb Joseph, who btw is a Monster,  told the court that my request was being made to be vindictive and that is why he needed discovery.  The problem is, it doesn't matter what my request is for, its legal and the open records act doesn't say... if we think your request is vindictive we may not full fill it.  I asked Judge Sellers to order TCC to comply once again with the open records act and offered to post a bond under 12 OS 1392 but he asked TCC if they had heard of this request and they said no.... it's in the petition.  They agreed to take it up on Wednesday via a conference call.  Judge Sellers threatened me with contempt of court if I contacted him by letter again directly, but Desiree Singer is allowed to lie to the court, and even write letters about the cases directly to the Judges lying.  Judge Sellers did not do anything about her lying to the court and did not even address it.  Judge Sellers is corrupt as hell.  I requested that he order OSBI to investigate TCC, The University of Tulsa, The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office and Judge Sellers himself as well as Judge Rebecca Nightmare and he didn't even address it.  Literally, nothing was accomplished today and here is the sad part, the public doesn't give a fuck.  The media doesn't give a fuck.   Michael J. Hunter is the most corrupt Attorney General that Oklahoma has ever had.  He is more corrupt than Scott Pruitt.  I've decided to launch a $25 million ad buy airing negative attack ads all over Oklahoma to let people know that Michael Hunter is 10000 times worse than Scott Pruitt.  The amount of tax dollars that the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office continues to waste and they continue to allow a lying bitch like Desiree Singer to practice law on behalf of the State and have armed guards escort them to court to intimidate citizens making a lawful request is unacceptable.  Judge Sellers, go FUCK YOURSELF you corrupt piece of shit.  Unfortunately, Judge Sellers is one of the most ignorant Judges who doesn't even know what the Oklahoma Open Records Act is.  He referred to it as the Freedom of Information Act.  What a fucking disgrace.  Not to mention Jeb Joseph is married to a Muslim terrorist.  

July 05, 2018:  Today Scott Pruitt resigned.  He served the EPA well, though he has no regard for how he wasted tax dollars.  Rumor has it that Scott Pruitt resigned so he could come back to Oklahoma and start running or Senator Inhoffe's seat.  So you definitely have me running for Inhoffe's seat, and I feel that Pruitt would be easy to defeat.  I could not imagine allowing Scott Pruitt to be a US Senator.  If we thought he spent too much as head of the EPA, imagine what he would do as a Senator.  We've got time.  Change is coming.  


June 29, 2018: I have made the decision to run against Senator Jim Inhofe.  Its time to send the old man to the retirement home and get the real things done.  My campaign starts now.

Since Facebook took my page offline 1 day before the election, they handed Kevin Stitt the election. When having to choose between Kevin Stitt or Mick Cornett, I'm putting my full support behind Kevin Stitt.  I urge my supporters to do the same.  When you go to vote for Attorney General, Genter Drummond is the only name you need to know!!!  

I've urged President Trump to select Todd Lamb as our next Attorney General.  Todd would make an amazing Attorney General for the USA.  I've also recommended to our President that should a Supreme Court Seat open up which we know it will, I feel strongly that Oklahoma's current Lt. Governor, Todd Lamb would be the right man for the job.  I could not think of anyone better than Todd Lamb to serve as Attorney General of the USA or as a Supreme Court Justice.  I hope we see Todd Lamb sitting at the Supreme Court of the USA sooner than later.  Todd Lamb is a great person, Oklahoma was simply ready for change.  

As for me... I'm going to continue fighting for transparency.  I'm fighting for change. Check back on my page often.  There will be more.  I urge Scott Walton of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office to resign, and if he doesn't, we the people of Oklahoma will remove him from office via a Grand Jury.  We can get it done.  

Want to keep up with me?  I refuse to use Facebook and I suggest that all investors short the stock symbol FB and buy SNAP.  Visit my website to keep up with all of the latest.  My fight isn't ending with a primary full of bigots.  Without a doubt, Facebook swayed another election. 

 Remember if you are thinking about attending The University of Tulsa, simply Google George Barnett University of Tulsa and do some reading, you will quickly see how this university is more in line with Hitler than America.  

In other news, Patrick Cremin's, failed attorney at the law firm of Hall Estill,  daughter killed herself.  Patrick Cremin is ultimately responsible and this makes not one child, but two that have died because of him.  

Please be sure to check back often and don't forget that The University of Tulsa is a terrible university, likely going bankrupt soon and is run by an evil witch named Winona Tanaka.  Susan Barrett is also a terrible so called professor.  She is just a poor excuse to take up space.  The sooner TU closes will be the better for Tulsa.  

Monday June 25, 2018:  My Facebook page was unpublished with no warning at all.  Facebook claims I violated some policy, but provides no information.  My opponents encouraged their supporters to continue reporting my Facebook page, though I did not violate any rules.  I spent over $100k with FB on political ads.  1 day before the election and they did this.  We need laws in place to prevent places from doing this.  I plan to bring suit against Facebook soon.    I am planning to bring a civil action against Facebook to find out why, and then if other campaigns were involved, I plan to bring a civil action against them.  

I want to give a special shout out to a stalker who has taken an extreme obsession with me by the name of Larz Justice.  Larz is the typical Tulsa Theatre failure.  He has not done anything productive in life except sit behind a key board and on occasion he will appear in some theatre production that is so bad they should just be kept off stage.  Larz lacks any true acting skill and in fact, I'm told he is usually allowed in most productions because they feel pity and sorrow for him and he's free lol.  Google Larz Justice.  What were his parents thinking naming him that?  Obviously they didn't love their child.  Wow!

There ya have it.  



Oklahoma voted yes on 788 and it passed.  Thank you to everyone who turned out!!!



The Future is Now.

Thank you for visiting the campaign website of Christopher Barnett for Oklahoma Governor 2018.  

I'm running for Governor because I'm tired of our taxes being raised, year after year.  Now we are hearing yet more politicans wanting to raise our taxes and take more of our paychecks, to pad their pockets and make their paychecks larger.  I'm not running for Governor to be popular.  I'm running for Governor because our State is in trouble and if we don't do something about our out of control spending and endless tax increases, in due time, people and companies will start fleeing from our State.

  My platform is very simple.  I won't lie to you, I won't sugar coat anything, I promise 100% transparency and I will not back peddle or flip flop on the issues.  

Education:  We must fund education fully.  Teachers and support staff must be fully funded.  Why are others in State Government making over $100k a year and our teachers are making as little as $28k a year?  We need to cap class sizes and keep them capped.  We must put an end to the waste and fully fund education.

It's no secret.  I'm not going to be popular with Government employees who are employed by the state of Oklahoma because I want to cut their excessive pay.  Under my plan, I want to put salary caps in place on all State Government Employees who are making more than we can afford.  The fact is, we can't keep raising taxes forever.  

Plain and simple.  I am against raising taxes period.

Think about it... they want to tax you to death to ensure they are paid but when we want to cut their pay to put money back in your pockets, they are having a fit.  Most tax payers have no idea how much Government waste there is.  They are only looking out for themselves.  I promise, if elected I will look out for you!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:00 AM

Gubernatorial candidate says he’s received death threats over social media comments he didn’t make

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 12:00 PM

Filed for Governor 2018

Christopher Barnett officially filed to run for Governor of Oklahoma 2018.

Christopher Barnett for Oklahoma Governor 2018