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Statement regarding illegal immigration, euthanasia and SNAP: My Facebook accounts were recently compromised, numerous comments were made, which I strongly condemn and had no part in.  These comments even offended myself.  I can assure you, if elected you will never find me advocating for any of the things.  My Platform has been very clear, and consistent and the recent Facebook postings contradict my actual political platform which I believe in and stand behind which is found on this website.  It is becoming clear that we cannot trust Facebook any longer, especially when it comes to elections.  To this day, I still have no access to any of my Facebook accounts including my political page.

Facebook is at again.  They are trying to sway another election.  I have not had any access to my Facebook page for several days.  When this took place, myself, nor my husband were even remotely on the internet or even our phones.  We were celebrating mothers day, all day long with our family.  Thank you Facebook.  Facebook needs to have a dedicated team to help its victims who have been compromised and pay a special level of attention to political candidates because timing is everything for elections. Facebook, are you going to pay for my continued security detail? 

It is sickening what has happened to me running for office.  My husband, nor myself have not been able to access Facebook and they have done nothing about it.  We will not use Facebook any longer.  To anyone that tries to make good on your threats to kill me... please don't.  

Who ever accessed our accounts did a great job at posting things I've said in the past, such as below:

I'd like to take a moment to thank The University of Tulsa.  Without their encouragement and corruption, I would never have had the drive to enter public office. Specifically, I want to thank the head nazi, TU Vice Provosot Winona Tanaka.  Not only is Winona Tanaka a nazi, she also hates America.  I must also give thanks to TU Professor Susan Barrett.  If she were not such a terrible liar, I would never have entered this race.  The University of Tulsa, along with Winona Tanaka and Susan Barrett are Ultimately responsible.  

Finally, I'd like to thank the very corrupt law firm of Hall Estill, specifically J. Patrick Cremin and Johnathan Rogers.  These two idiots have tried to take away free speech for everyone.  I have stood up for free speech, unlike the child molesting lovers Brady Henderson at the ACLU.  

The University of Tulsa also pushed an agenda of euthanizing all students who did not meet their arian race agenda.  This is amazing to read as I never said this, nor did The University of Tulsa.  Again, more evidence that our Facebook page was compromised.  

I need your help to continue this fight as its just getting started.  Please contribute to my campaign.  With your help, not only will I become the youngest Governor of Oklahoma in history, I will also be the first openly gay, married Republican Governor in history. 

I have spent over $5 million dollars of my own money and will continue to fight for all Oklahomans to ensure that places like Hall Estill and The University of Tulsa are held accountable. 

I also ask that you help me shut down The University of Tulsa.  They breed hatred.   Have you seen other opponents spend anywhere near this amount to stand up for free speech and protect your rights?  Not even the ACLU has stood up to protect anyones rights in Oklahoma.  The ACLU is more concerned with Pedophiles than protecting free speech.  A sad fact is, the ACLU is is in bed with The University of Tulsa and Hall Estill.  They aren't going to protect free speech for anyone.  

Despite the thousands of death threats I continue to receive, mostly from The University of Tulsa, Hall Estill and Democrats, I will not drop out of this race and I will not stop. 

I am now the front runner in Oklahoma for Republican Governor and with your continued support, I will win. I do not want to win on a ticket of bigotry or misinformation.  

We know that neither Democrats stand a chance because they are part of the same failed establishment, just as Todd Lamb and Gary Jones are.  We know that Gary Richardson is also part of the problem, because as an attorney, he did nothing to protect Oklahomans free speech or right to own fire arms when liberal Tulsa Attorney John Lackey tried to take them away.  Gary Richardson just didn't care about your constitutional rights.

Let's keep Oklahoma red.  I truly believe that every Oklahoman should own firearms... not just one, but several.  

I'll be done campaigning when I'm being sworn in as the next Governor of Oklahoma in January 2019.  The Democrats have promised to assassinate me if I'm elected.  



The Future is Now

Thank you for visiting the campaign website of Christopher Barnett for Oklahoma Governor 2018.  

I'm running for Governor because I'm tired of our taxes being raised, year after year.  Now we are hearing yet more politicans wanting to raise our taxes and take more of our paychecks, to pad their pockets and make their paychecks larger.  I'm not running for Governor to be popular.  I'm running for Governor because our State is in trouble and if we don't do something about our out of control spending and endless tax increases, in due time, people and companies will start fleeing from our State.

  My platform is very simple.  I won't lie to you, I won't sugar coat anything, I promise 100% transparency and I will not back peddle or flip flop on the issues.  

Education:  We must fund education fully.  Teachers and support staff must be fully funded.  Why are others in State Government making over $100k a year and our teachers are making as little as $28k a year?  We need to cap class sizes and keep them capped.  We must put an end to the waste and fully fund education.

It's no secret.  I'm not going to be popular with Government employees who are employed by the state of Oklahoma because I want to cut their excessive pay.  Under my plan, I want to put salary caps in place on all State Government Employees who are making more than we can afford.  The fact is, we can't keep raising taxes forever.  

Plain and simple.  I am against raising taxes period.

Think about it... they want to tax you to death to ensure they are paid but when we want to cut their pay to put money back in your pockets, they are having a fit.  Most tax payers have no idea how much Government waste there is.  They are only looking out for themselves.  I promise, if elected I will look out for you!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:00 AM

Gubernatorial candidate says he’s received death threats over social media comments he didn’t make

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 12:00 PM

Filed for Governor 2018

Christopher Barnett officially filed to run for Governor of Oklahoma 2018.

Christopher Barnett for Oklahoma Governor 2018